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Many Filipinos nowadays start to plan for their future at the early stage of adulthood. You’re in your twenties or thirties thinking that by this age, you should be starting to build your dream home to spend the next decades with your loved ones. But how?

Good thing that the Lynville Land Development Corporation is partnered with Pag-IBIG Fund or the Housing Loan Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) which offers a housing loan program that allows members who have at least 24 monthly savings and are under the age of 65 to borrow up to six million pesos.  

Applying for the pag ibig fund housing loan program with Lynville is very simple. All you have to do is follow these simple steps: 

Step 1


To know more about Lynville, just visit our home page, there, you will be able to view the available projects, locations, as well as contact information, and even email addresses for each site, allowing you to simply contact them for reservation concerns.

Upon contacting us through the website and knowing all the details about the desired location and letting them know that you want to reserve a home, they will schedule you for a site visit. By visiting the site, they have a chance to see the actual location and model unit that would help them picture their future home with Lynville. As well as the quality of the home they are aiming for. Lynville makes use of the best qualities of materials to prove to their client that they are making the right path in choosing Lynville. 

Step 2


A buyer must fill out the online registration form via the Lynville website. Click here to fill out the registration form.

Upon registration, the client must also attach these requirements: 

  1. Latest income documents 
  2. Two valid IDs  

After completing the requirements for registration, an email will be sent to the lynville branch to confirm and process your reservation, here is the format that must be followed:

  • Email subject: Reservation for (Buyer’s name), (Project), (Block no.), (Lot no.), (Model unit) 
    Example: Reservation for Juan Dela Cruz, Lynville Diamond, Block 2, Lot 23, Zerina
  • Format of the Email content body: 
    Project: Lynville Diamond 
    Block and Lot: Block 2 Lot 23 
    Model: Zerina Premium 
    Client’s Name: Juan De la Cruz 
    Contact number: 09123456789 
    Broker Group/Realty Name: Blackpink Realty
  • Email Attachments:  
    Complete reservation requirements (2 valid IDs and latest income documents) 
    Filled out Buyer’s Information Slip (BIS) 
    Filled out Buyer’s Appointment Slip (BAS) 

Step 3

INTERVIEW WITH THE SALES TEAM (Assessment of Required Income) 

After submitting the requirements of the reservation, clients will be scheduled for an interview with the sales team via phone call. This is to know if the buyer will be eligible for the housing loan he/she is applying for. They will also discuss the down payment procedure. You will know how much you would need to pay every month for the equity. They will discuss also the requirements for a housing loan as well as the submission period of up to 60 days. 

These are the simple steps to having your dream home with Lynville and the assistance of Pag-IBIG. What are you waiting for? This is a sign that you should take the action of reserving your dream home by just following these easy steps.  

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